Kitty Jenkins studied BA Fine Art at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, graduating in 2010. Kitty lives and works in South East London.

Her work deals with the inevitable loss of a singular identity in a painting’s subject, in favour of constructions of a multi-layered and abstract structure, which reach towards but never grasp a traditionally unified identity. Through a series of oil paintings and drawings that focus predominantly on the figure and its structural complexities, she aims to confront concepts of representation and likeness.

These works are built up from fragments of people and environments. They are built up through a series of layers and fragments and aim to re-imagine the structure of the human figure. The resulting 'structures' attempt to dissimilate the indiviudal indentity in favor of a fluid arrangement between figurative painting and abstraction.

Art works are for sale, unless indicted as sold. Please use the contact page for any enquires.


Selected C.V.

  • Kitty Jenkins: Paintings (Solo show, Jeannie Avent Gallery, East Dulwich February 2019)

  • Hidden: An Exhibition of Work by Non-academic Staff at the Royal College of Art (RCA, South Kensington, November 2018)

  • Uncommon or Garden (Observer Building Hastings, May – June 2016)

  • Family Jewels (Darbyshire, London. August 2014)

  • Commissioned works 2012 (4 works – ‘Untitled’)

  • Commissioned works 2011 (1 work – ‘Untitled, yellow painting)

  • Cross Section: A survey of graduate and post graduate film, paintings and prints - Inaugural Exhibition. (Blackfriars Road Gallery, London. 2010)